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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pen Storage

I decided that my studio needed some help!
(Actually, the studio is fine ~ it's me that needs help!)
Anyway, I have a ton of pens and markers, etc.
and hated the way they were stored.
So, I found a really cool solution online ~ here is what it looks like now.

Believe it or not this picture does NOT show any of my
Copic Markers and Pens!

My husband and I went to a hardware store and purchased
two 10' lengths of 2" diameter PVC pipe.
Gary cut the pipe into 4-1/2, 4 and 3-1/2 inch sections for me.
He washed them and sanded them ~ great guy!
I wrapped them using scrapbook paper and viola! pen storage!


  1. This is just brilliant!! Looks like I'll be heading off to the hardware store. ;-)

  2. Love it, I need to get my pens in order also. good idea.

  3. WOW! Yes! Looks like a summer project - wonder if it could be made portable? Smaller, handle? Worth pondering. Thanks for posting!

  4. I love this idea ! I upcycled the plastic containers from Chrystal Light for my pen,pencil, marker storage!! LOL !!

  5. Thanks everyone! Great idea Kristy!

  6. Great idea! Thank you for sharing it!

  7. toilet paper or paper tower rolls would be better recycling.

  8. Love this! I'd like to seal the bottoms of each tube in case I'd like to carry it to another place. Any ideas for this...cheap ideas?

  9. I like the idea of recycling too, but with toilet paper or paper towel rolls, the ones toward the bottom might start to sag and get flattened by the weight of the pens on top. That's what happened to me when I used empty Baskin-Robbins ice cream containers, and bolted them together on their sides, to make storage spaces. Give it a try and report back to us. Since the toilet paper & paper towel rolls are smaller, they could be sturdier, and hopefully, they wouldn't flatten. I travel with my Pigma Micron pens and pencils, etc., so I need a portable system. I need to be able to work on planes, and waiting rooms and visiting the elderly, or staying overnight with my mom when she is in the hospital. It can't take up a lot of space. So far, I've been putting them in zipper bags and putting them all in a polycarbonate file holder from The Container Store. I took the colorful file folders out, and just put everything down inside the file carrier. It has a handle, and is stronger than plastic, because it's polycarbonate. It's still a little too big for a plane though. I fabric tote bag would probably be better, because it is soft-sided. The file carrier is hard-sided, with sharp corners, but would work for taking to classes.

  10. Cool idea on how to display and store your pens. Just like they store them in the stores!

  11. Good ole PVC. It seems to have many uses other than its intended. I recently saw a set-up like yours, Mary Elizabeth, except that the tubes were used to make a wine rack!

  12. I can't see the picture. :(