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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So many wonderful things . .

I've been very quite here, and for good reason ~
allow me share with you my fun!

First, my daughter and her husband are expecting
their baby toward the end of this month.
There is actually a "pool" going on in the family around
the due date ~ nobody wins anything except the
pleasure of having been right!

Second, my daughter-in-law is pregnant too!
She and my son expect their little
bundle of joy around the first part of April.

Two grandbabies within months of each other!
Who could ask for more!!!!

Yes, these are my first grandchildren :o)
and I will have a granddaughter & a grandson.

I will make sure to post when these great events take place.

Have a wonderful evening/day and thanks for "listening."


  1. Congratulations on your exciting news, Mary Elizabeth!

  2. Mary Elizabeth-
    I am a new CZT-4, and a happy grandmother to my first grandbabies, too.
    My first arrived 1/18/10 and second grandson arrived on 7/2/10, which happens to be my mother's birthday. You will have an extremely moving & wonderful 2011, I promise.
    Holly in Virginia

  3. Holly ~ thank you AND congratulations to you too! Enjoy your year as CZT and both the first year birthdays ~ how fun!